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A holiday in the Vosges could hardly be more beautiful, given the fantastic view of the mountain landscape from our hotel. We have a total of 16 rooms which have all been recently renovated (pictures will follow). All our rooms have a private bathroom and are designed for you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of motorcycling. We offer different rooms:

  • 3 rooms with 2 separate beds (for friends or solo drivers)
  • 4 rooms with 2 separate or connectable beds (for friends, solo drivers or couples)
  • 7 rooms with 3 separate or connectable beds (for friends or couples)
  • 1 room en suite with 4 separate or connectable beds
  • 1 room en suite with 5 separate or connectable beds
  • 1 room is suitable for people with disabilities (3 beds)

Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information by email.

The motorcycle parking is securely locked at night and there is a drying room for motorcycle clothing. We also have:

  • routes for GPS
  • breakdown service and new tires within 24 hours
  • washing place for the motorcycle
  • helmet cleaning station
  • small service material

We already made some photo collages that can give you a better idea about the planned renovations (see Gallery--> Photos --> Sneek previews hotel).

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